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Keeping a Healthy Routine While You’re Spending Time at Home (Due to Coronavirus COVID-19)

So many of us have found a new reality these days that includes the walls of our home, our plants and pets, and not much else. Whether you’re now a work-from-home employee or you’re one of the many people finding themselves without work during the coronavirus outbreak (please stay connected, we'll get through this together!), spending so much time at home can be overwhelming. We can find ourselves with a lot of extra time to fill, prone to heightened worry and emotional dysregulation. All this adds up to a lack of daily routine that can leave us feeling vulnerable to combat the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

How to Feel Less Isolated While Social Distancing 

(Due to Coronavirus COVID-19)

Of the many ways that coronavirus has unwelcomely invaded our lives, one of the biggest challenges for many of us is going to be this: social distancing. We’ve all heard the term by now and you’re likely practicing it in your own life, and with that you might be recognizing some feelings of isolation and loneliness surfacing as you spend more time alone (and not by choice!).  

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