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What would happen if you didn't buy gifts this year?

Like an unforgiving pair of jeans on turkey day, 2020 has created pressure in places we didn't know pressure could exist. And as the holidays approach, many in the Self-Care community have remarked that the prospect of crawling into their metaphorical sweatpants (i.e. easing the pressure) seems like a far-off dream.

We feel you and we hear you.

In this post, we invite you into the self-care practice of courageously looking at what is really going on, finding honesty and compassion — with ourselves and others — and then getting creative in choosing how we want to celebrate this moment, in a way that aligns with our hearts, our current finances, and the future we are calling into possibility.

A Vision For World Kindness Day 2020

Today we celebrate one of humanity's most delightful superpowers: kindness. At Self-Care Is For Everyone, this is one of our FAVORITE days. So much so that we intentionally decided to launch our online storefront on World Kindness Day two years ago!

Have you ever thought about kindness as a superpower before? Just imagine it: around the world, acts of kindness help us to feel connected when we are lonely, offer tenderness to comfort our fear, or encourage us when we feel insecure. Gestures of kindness might seem small in a world so big and in so much pain, but consider the last time you experienced a moment of kindness: what did you feel in your body? How did it change your thoughts? What did it inspire for you?

Breathe Through It

American Elections are less than one week away.

Breathe in… Breathe out… Breathe in… Breathe out…

Hi there, dear human. How are you?

Do you notice a bit of tension in your body at the thought of the upcoming election? If so, you are not alone. We feel it, too.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge election-related stress and anxiety.

We at Self-Care Is For Everyone have been inspired by the way this community has moved through all that 2020 has already brought. To help us navigate these next few days we have compiled a list of tips and tools to help ease election-related stress and anxiety. It is our hope that these tools help to bring a sense of ok-ness to moments of tension that might arise over the next week, or beyond. And no matter what happens next, remember that we are in this, together.

You are not alone.

Your Voice Matters

You can use your voice to uplift and support the creation of a more equitable society.

Sometimes, however, when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, or your vision of hope begins to dim, it can feel like your individual voice (or vote) doesn’t matter.

Maybe you don’t feel represented by the candidates vying for your vote. Maybe you feel unsafe, or that no one in politics can be trusted. Maybe you simply can’t hear your own voice of certainty through the omnipresent noise and rhetoric of talking heads and Twitter feeds.

Honoring Mental Illness Awareness Week 2020

Here at Self Care Is For Everyone, we strive to promote mental illness awareness year-round, and to continue helping shatter the harmful stigma that comes with mental illness and the experience of living with a mental illness. But this is an extra special week, Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW), when advocates and organizations and brands come together to instill even more power into mental illness awareness! 

How to Handle Anxiety Around Election Season


When we think of anxiety causes, we often don’t think about seasonal causes! This can be anxiety surrounding tax time, the holiday season, or a new year of school. But a seasonal cause of anxiety that doesn’t often get addressed is election season! We’re deep into elections 2020 and we’re surrounded by ad campaigns, marketing, commercials, and more, all trying to gain our votes for their candidates. It can make us feel overwhelmed with anxiety by the time elections day actually rolls around.

How to Handle Negative Body Image 

Thoughts in Quarantine

Our lives have significantly changed throughout 2020. We’re working hard to maintain requirements and stay safe amidst a global pandemic, we’re fighting for social change, we’re trying, in so many ways, to get used to what looks to be ‘the new normal,’ yet there’s one thing that hasn’t changed since the onset of Covid-19: the collective fear of weight gain going around. Like a virus itself, it has spread from Facebook memes about the ‘quarantine 15’ to moms doing aerobics in their living rooms trying to avoid gaining weight and even young girls going on diets out of fear of putting on weight. Why? Because the world is telling them it’s unacceptable if they do. Societal norms constantly feed us the idea that we have to make our bodies smaller, become more fit, or be “bikini ready”. All of these messages are only amplified during this time and it can be extremely toxic and add more unnecessary tension to an already stressful global pandemic. 

How to Own Your Story by Imagining Being Your Own Podcast Host and Guest

Have you ever listened to a podcast and admired how someone explained their perspective and shared a story reflecting on an interesting theme? Have you ever thought about recording your own voice sharing an important experience? Interviewing yourself can be a fantastic way to not only get your story out into the community and help others feel less alone in their struggles, but to also get to know yourself a little better in the process.

The idea of recording a podcast can be overwhelming, but if you break it down into smaller actionable steps, you’ll find each one is doable and can lead to something you will be proud to share (or keep for yourself! That's okay too!) Being your own podcast host and guest allows you to control the exact message you want your podcast to portray, gives you complete creative license, and also gives you your own timeframe to work with in case you don’t have as much time to dedicate to it as others might have. Your interview is yours, and that means it can be exactly what you want it to be.

Celebrating International Self-Care Day 2020

July 24th is a special day for us here at Self-Care Is For Everyone, it’s International Self-Care Day! This day is all about self-care and the benefits it brings us, and being held on 7/24, it reminds us that these benefits are experienced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Self-care is a practice that gives back to us daily, in so many ways - physically, mentally, and spiritually. And just in time for International Self-Care Day, it seems we are collectively figuring out the benefits of it: “self-care” has become a trending search on Google! 

So many people are searching for self-care tips, self-care ideas, and self-care activities that it’s bumped it up to trending status and it’s more popular than ever. We love this, knowing it’s a reflection of more and more people getting involved in self-care practices and taking better care of their mental and physical health. We’re so honored to be helping to spread the self-care love to a world that needs it so much.

How and Why to Diversify 

Your Feed (and Life!)

What do you see when you scroll through your social feeds? Do you see a range of posts or do you see posts all with similar ideas, preferences, approaches, and information? Over time, as we follow new people, it becomes easy to stay within our comfort zone, follow people we recognize and understand and create a bubble of what we like and are familiar with. Imagine how much we could grow if we took the initiative to begin diversifying our social media feeds, to include people we wouldn’t normally follow, ones that maybe have different beliefs or preferences than we do. It would open us up to so many new opportunities for growth that we haven’t been exposed to and new ways we can learn about people and the world.

How to Deal With Family Members 

Out of Alignment with Your Beliefs

Many people are finding that right now they’re learning their family doesn’t necessarily share all their same views. This may be with statements that are outright racist, imply racism, or are simply uneducated and seem to lack understanding of the state of our country. You don’t have to stand by and feel as if you can’t speak up for what is right to you, but there are ways to have these conversations with your family members safely and respectfully, which we want to help you learn so you are prepared if you find yourself in this position. 

How to Handle Sitting in Discomfort
in a Healthy Way

Discomfort: it’s something we all feel from time to time and part of the human experience. Discomfort definition: mental or physical uneasiness. Unfortunately, this uneasiness is something we’ve all been experiencing more of due to current events. Initially, the discomfort of uncertainty as Coronavirus spread throughout our world and took away our freedom, replacing it with fear. On top of this, now we experience the discomfort of finding our place in the fight for social justice, some of us not even knowing what to say to contribute and finding ourselves feeling the discomfort of guilt and shame.

How to Manage Your Thoughts
During Multiple Layers of Stress

The year 2020 has been quite a challenging one as we’ve found ourselves hit with one major stressor after another! It’s required higher levels of self-care, support for both ourselves and others, and compassion. Coronavirus was difficult enough to navigate all on its own; being quarantined, affecting our finances, our relationships, our means of making a living, very literally affecting every area of our lives including just walking out of our homes. But then we layer the fight for social change and riots and protests on top of the pandemic, and we’re exposed to violence and divisiveness everywhere we look - on the news, on all of our social media feeds. 

With all this negativity and tension surrounding us, how do we combat experiencing negative thoughts? How do we not allow these harmful thoughts to take over?

How To Sustainably Keep Showing Up

Actively showing up for your community and taking a stand for social justice and civil rights on a daily basis can be an incredibly overwhelming undertaking, one that can leave you feeling depleted and run down, mentally, physically, and emotionally. We often feel that in order to contribute to change and be part of the collective voice, we must give it our all and give it in a relentless active way that keeps up the momentum around the fight for equality. Keeping the momentum going is critical, but thankfully this is a movement composed of so many lovely voices that are committed to showing up and this allows for each person to go at their own sustainable pace.

How to Handle Anxiety Surrounding Zoom Calls + Video Conferencing

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, we’re finding ourselves overwhelmed with video conferences and Zoom calls to take care of both job related needs and to keep in touch with friends and family. On top of that, so many of our in-person activities are now being held online! Zoom yoga classes, painting nights, school classes, meditation hours, sobriety meetings, and more. It’s a new world, and opens up endless doors for us to still participate in activities we love and engage with others while practicing social distancing. But what if you’re one of the many people who struggle with anxiety when it comes to video calls?

Creating Healthy Boundaries To Protect Yourself (And Thrive) During Quarantine

If there’s one area of self-care that can be challenging it's how to set and protect our personal boundaries. Boundaries are about taking care of ourselves, being mindful of our limits, and asking for what we need. Communicating all this can be hard! It can be even harder and downright scary when we’re in quarantine and there is little room to make space for such conversations.

Self-Care for Beginners

PLUS Creative Ideas To Help Get You Started!

Self-care. It's everywhere. Instagram tells us to practice it. Whole books are published around it. There’s checklists and planners and stickers and all sorts of other tools we can use to make sure we’re incorporating it into our lives. But if you’re new to self-care, whether you’ve dabbled in it a little bit or you’re still just thinking about putting your foot in warm, lavender-scented bath water, all the resources and information out there can be overwhelming and potentially do the opposite and create even more stress than before!

Exploring Gender Identity
and Its Impact on Mental Health

A Blog Post Written By Our Guest:
Lex Horwitz (They/Them)

23 years old and I am finally me. 

23 years old and I am starting to find a home in my body. 

23 years old and for the first time I am VISIBLE.

Maybe you’re thinking, “That’s not possible that you weren’t visible before. How could you be invisible for 23 years!”And I’d say you’re correct--my physical body was visible to outsiders for 23 years. But those outsiders could not actually see the person standing in front of them because of assumptions based on my physical body. So that is what I mean by finally being visible.I am visible as ME, not as *deadname*--the person who’s narrative was pre-determined by traditional societal norms, rigid gender binaries, and social rules/regulations which told outside viewers of my world to see me as a FEMALE, a WOMAN, FEMININE, and NOT ME just based on my physical appearance.

Keeping a Healthy Routine While You’re Spending Time at Home (Due to Coronavirus COVID-19)

So many of us have found a new reality these days that includes the walls of our home, our plants and pets, and not much else. Whether you’re now a work-from-home employee or you’re one of the many people finding themselves without work during the coronavirus outbreak (please stay connected, we'll get through this together!), spending so much time at home can be overwhelming. We can find ourselves with a lot of extra time to fill, prone to heightened worry and emotional dysregulation. All this adds up to a lack of daily routine that can leave us feeling vulnerable to combat the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

How to Feel Less Isolated While Social Distancing 

Of the many ways that coronavirus has unwelcomely invaded our lives, one of the biggest challenges for many of us is going to be this: social distancing. We’ve all heard the term by now and you’re likely practicing it in your own life, and with that you might be recognizing some feelings of isolation and loneliness surfacing as you spend more time alone (and not by choice!).