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Get To Know Yourself

How to Own Your Story by Imagining
Being Your Own Podcast Host and Guest

This blog entry is the direct result of caring and supportive conversations amongst the team members here at Self-Care Is For Everyone. We love talking about mental health and whenever an important issue is discussed or a self-care tip is brought up, we look to invite our community to engage in these topics and benefit from the sharing of these healing ideas. 

Have you ever listened to a podcast and admired how someone explained their perspective and shared a story reflecting on an interesting theme? Have you ever thought about recording your own voice sharing an important experience? Interviewing yourself can be a fantastic way to not only get your story out into the community and help others feel less alone in their struggles, but to also get to know yourself a little better in the process.

The idea of recording a podcast can be overwhelming, but if you break it down into smaller actionable steps, you’ll find each one is doable and can lead to something you will be proud to share (or keep for yourself! That's okay too!) Being your own podcast host and guest allows you to control the exact message you want your podcast to portray, gives you complete creative license, and also gives you your own timeframe to work with in case you don’t have as much time to dedicate to it as others might have. Your interview is yours, and that means it can be exactly what you want it to be.

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Ask Yourself These Five Questions 

(Or add some of your own!)

Even the most seasoned podcast hosts and guests write down some notes or questions. This is a great way to prompt yourself through your interview and keep track of the message you may wish to share. Here are a few creative questions that can help put your interview together and help inspire you to own and share your story:

 1. What makes you smile? This is a great question to explore things that make you happy and bring you joy, which we often lose sight of as we get older. It’s easy to get lost in the everyday commitments and obligations of work, school, chores, relationships, and life in general, so asking yourself what makes you smile will get you in touch with some of the things that light up your life and can brighten your days.

2. What is one experience that has made you stronger? Our adversities and struggles make us stronger, but when is the last time you stopped to actually think about something difficult you went through and the ways it made you stronger as a human? Talking about this and challenging yourself to find the ways your experience made you stronger will help others identify how their experiences have contributed to their strengths, as well.

3. What is something you’re proud of? This can vary greatly but can absolutely include taking great care of your pet, finishing an art piece, going out for a run... they all count. Reflect on something meaningful to you and explore what made you feel proud and accomplished and why. The more we understand the types of things that make us feel good, the more we can integrate them into our lives and spend more time doing them.

4. Where do you see yourself in a year? In five years? This is always a great interview question because it lets you use your creativity to really dive into your future and begin writing a story you’re excited about living today. After COVID, do you wish to travel? Finish college? Write a book? What are some of the things you plan on doing over the next few years and how do you see them impacting who you are?

5. What is your biggest fear? Often our biggest fears say a lot about where we’re holding back in life. Looking into our biggest fears without judgement can help us find what areas scare us and see if we can challenge those fears with logical, rational thoughts. Once we’re able to do that, often we find ourselves overcoming our fears and moving through them to take on even bigger challenges.

Feeling Inspired? Record yourself

Recording this "podcast" is obviously absolutely optional, but if you wish to embrace a challenge and are open to the idea of hearing your own voice, this part is for you. If you decide you want to record, you can do it on your phone in a voice memo or on your computer. It doesn't have to be complicated or perfect. Later on you can decide if you actually want to listen back to it or not! Again, no pressure. This exercise works just as well in writing or simply thinking about it. This is a practice in finding the words to tell our story. 


After deciding if you want to record, you may feel inspired to actually share the podcast for others to listen to!! (If that is not something you are interested in, feel free to skip to the next section!!)

If you need a way to edit your podcast audio, Garage Band and Audacity are both great free options for editing and not too difficult to learn. There are some great tutorials online! Remember, this exercise is an opportunity to experiment and learn. There is no right or wrong way. Just remain kind to yourself and meet yourself where you are at. Process not perfection.

Listen Back To Your Recording 

(Again, this is optional but recommended!)

This is the part that may be challenging for you. Remember that listening back to your podcast allows you to get to know yourself from the perspective of the audience. It’s important to remain nonjudgemental when listening to your interview. Many of us feel weird about hearing our voices recorded at first and also tend to find ways to pick apart what we said and how we said it. Again, this exercise is meant to serve a loving challenge and an invitation to slowly work toward accepting yourself by listening to your interview full of love and judgement-free, focusing on your story and getting to know yourself... perhaps for the first time. 

Own Your Story Is Healing

The practice of owning your story is to take the time to intentionally select the words to tell your story using language chosen by you in a loving matter that best captures your preferred self. This practice can be healing... for yourself and for others. Owning your story can make you feel more confident when meeting new people as you will already love your story and know how to tell it. Sharing your story can help inspire others who are experiencing some of the same struggles. Representation matters! You are not alone.

Recording yourself as your own podcast host and guest is a way to practice telling your story in a creative way that gives you the option to actually share with those you trust to help them get to know you better. In the process, you get to raise your awareness of yourself and  practice self-love! Taking the time to strengthen that relationship with yourself is vital to help you become the best version of you :) So grab your equipment of choice, get your questions ready, and get to telling and owning and loving your story! 

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