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Self-Care | Diversify Your Life

How and Why to Diversify Your Feed (and Life!)

Click on this image and head over to the comments section to begin to discover new accounts!

What do you see when you scroll through your social feeds? Do you see a range of posts or do you see posts all with similar ideas, preferences, approaches, and information? Over time, as we follow new people, it becomes easy to stay within our comfort zone, follow people we recognize and understand and create a bubble of what we like and are familiar with. Imagine how much we could grow if we took the initiative to begin diversifying our social media feeds, to include people we wouldn’t normally follow, ones that maybe have different beliefs or preferences than we do. It would open us up to so many new opportunities for growth that we haven’t been exposed to and new ways we can learn about people and the world.

The diversity definition simply states: a range of different things. This can be manifested in our feeds in so many different ways! We can start by making sure our feeds represent real life, meaning following accounts with different skin colors, sexual preferences, body types, and more. Do you follow anyone that represents a different, or multiple different, cultures than yours? Do you follow any LGBTQI+ accounts? How do you find these accounts to begin with? Here are some ideas to go about diversifying your feed and stretching your growth even further than the work you’re already doing:

Head on over to our Instagram page - On the @selfcareisforeveryone Instagram page, we have shared two posts. Both posts had a callout to our community to help us curate some awesome accounts for you to follow. In one of the posts, we called on those in our community to specifically tag their favorite Black content creators, and on another post, individuals tagged their favorite queer creators! These included artists, therapists, healers, and really anyone with inspiring ideas that our community members would recommend someone to follow! 

This means the work is already done for you in finding interesting accounts to follow!! Click on the images in this blog titled "Diversify Your Feed" to head over to our instagram and check out the comments sections to begin discovering new accounts.

Click on this image and head over to the comments section to begin to discover new accounts!

Search through hashtags - Search through some hashtags that will highlight accounts that are posting content you would like to diversify your feed with! Here are a few to start with: #amplifyblackvoices #shareblackstories #lgbtq #loveislove #humanrights #equality

Ask friends for recommendations - Some of your friends might already be following some great accounts you would love! Ask them what their feeds look like and for recommendations for who they love following that teach them and help them grow in different ways.

Check blogs and articles that highlight diverse accounts to follow - Search for terms like “diversify your Instagram feed” and “Black creatives on Instagram” and you’ll find blog posts and articles that list dozens of accounts to follow that expand the horizons of what we see on a day-to-day basis in the comfort of our usual feeds.

Scroll through the Explore page on Instagram - More and more, the voices that didn’t used to be heard as often are becoming popular, available to us, and seen in spaces we can actually find them. The Explore page is a place to start searching for popular posts that catch your eye and open your mind.

These are all great ways to start diversifying your feed without having to spend hours doing it. It can be a project you take on over time, rather than something you have to spend a lot of time on at once. Aim to expand your feed by a couple new follows or page likes per day and after a couple of weeks you’ll have a whole new feed full of inspiring people to connect with and learn from. *Something that is important to keep in mind is that as you follow these new accounts, remember to engage with them so that instagram continues to show you their posts. Otherwise the algorithm will just go back to showing you what it thinks you want to see and the accounts you took the time to find and follow will not populate in your feed. 

While we’re working on our feeds, we should also be working on diversity and inclusion in our lives outside of social media as well! This could look like finding books that you want to read that have been written by people of color or people with different perspectives than you. This could also look like discovering new thought leaders and diverse role models.  We’re training ourselves to live with an open mind and an open heart and to exist in a space of inclusivity and acceptance. There’s so much divisiveness in the world, especially now, it’s our job to create an environment where we learn, welcome, and celebrate different voices and perspectives.

When we choose this for our lives and take action to support it, we’re choosing to not live in a bubble, we’re choosing to stay curious, we’re choosing to keep learning and to keep loving, despite differences of lifestyle or opinion. Doesn’t that sound like a world you want to live in? We do!

As you make these shifts in your social media feeds and in your lives, we want to thank you for showing up in the world today, being willing to make these shifts, and being present. As you are doing the work to unlearn and learn, you may experience some uncomfortable feelings come up. If you are overwhelmed with discomfort as you dive into some of these topics, head on over to our blog about 'how to sit in discomfort in a healthy way' to begin processing some of the difficult thoughts and feelings that may come up along the way. 

There’s no right or wrong way to curate a social media feed, to create your friendships and life, or to show up when things get difficult. There’s just ways that help us grow and learn, and we honor that you choose those ways over and over despite the challenges. 

We want to remind you to be sure to care for yourself during this time of intensity and change, and to set aside the time needed to support your emotions and needs while you’re providing such great community care simultaneously. If your wellbeing isn’t intact, you can’t give 100% or be present for your community. Rest, practice some self-care, and remember - you are making a difference!