A Letter To Yourself (Outline w/ Feelings Chart!) - Self-Care Is For Everyone
A Letter To Yourself (Outline w/ Feelings Chart!) - Self-Care Is For Everyone

'A Letter To Yourself' Outline (w/ Feelings Chart!)

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When's the last time you wrote yourself a letter? This digital download we've created is meant to help you carve out a space to be with yourself (as tough as we know that can be at times) and tell yourself whatever it is that you need to in order to begin or continue to sift through the feelings you're having and heal your relationship with yourself -- the most important relationship you have!

We've included an outline so that the letter-writing process is easier, as well as a comprehensive feelings chart in order to help you dig a layer or two deeper and find out more specifically how you're feeling.

This resource was made with so much love and care and we're so grateful that you're trusting us in having a role in your self-care practice and self-love journey. Please don't hesitate to email us at hello@selfcarestation.com with feedback on this resource and to let us know if there's any other resources we can provide you with in the future! :)

(This download is 2 pages long, including the letter template & illustrated feelings chart)

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