2020 "End Of Year" Activity Book

2020 "End Of Year" Activity Book

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Instead of saying good riddance, how would it feel to honor all that you have gained, lost, learned, and become this past year?

Reflection is one of the most empowering and radical acts of self-care that we know of — the courageous choice of creating space for yourself, your story, your discomfort, your grief, your joy, and your dreams. To help you out, we created this activity book!

This is a chance for you to own your story — to see how 2020 changed you and which companions (thoughts, activities, exercises, friend groups, aspirations, work, etc.) were helpful or inhibiting along the way; look at all that has passed, release what no longer serves with gratitude, and find the clarity and inspiration you need to be here, now — and who you are, now.

To reflect, deeply, is to learn to become comfortable with discomfort. To allow yourself to get quiet, to fall apart, to grieve, and to listen. To move from a need to control to presence. This is work that runs counter to our modern culture, work of slowing down and stripping away instead of speeding up and accumulating. Instead of burying our pain in busyness, we lean into it. We see it. We honor it. We release the shame and the judgement. And in doing so, we transform.

This is the work of solidarity that begins within, bravery grown from fertile, vulnerable softness. To reflect is a choice; you don't have to do this work. But if you do, it might just change everything.

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