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'Create Your Own Day-At-Home' Scheduling Template & Self-Care Ideas

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Routines can be the cornerstone of creating a healthy at-home life during this time of physical distancing and self-quarantines. Things like your morning routine, getting ready for the day, keeping a meal schedule, and designating time for creativity will become a lifeline to normalcy for you once you get them dialed in and settle into their rhythm. With a little structure (and lots of room for rest, spontaneity, and free play), you will find yourself thriving even in these uncertain times once you can discover this new normal to live in. Taking the time to prioritize these daily routines will keep you calmer, more centered, and more able to be with yourself and care for yourself in this time of chaos. You will truly be loving yourself by curating your unique days-at-home! 

So, print out this "Create Your Own Day-At-Home" resource and get to creating that daily routine that will fit best into your life. You deserve to live well, live healthy, and thrive!

(This download is 12 pages long, including scheduling templates for each day of the week, self-care ideas for the morning, self-care ideas for the evening, an example template filled out, cover, & end page)

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