'Self-Care Bingo' Sheets (Blank + With Self-Care Ideas) - Self-Care Is For Everyone
'Self-Care Bingo' Sheets (Blank + With Self-Care Ideas) - Self-Care Is For Everyone

'Self-Care Bingo' Sheets (Blank + With Self-Care Ideas)

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The pace at which you take this journey is up to you. The important part is that you simply show up to the self-care practice and take that first step on the path of wellbeing. This is the first step toward honoring you. You decide this is the time, now is when you create that shift, and begin adding these ideas as comfortably as you can and build a foundation. It is this foundation that will carry you throughout the ups and downs in life and keep you emotionally regulated and present so you can handle whatever situations arise with kindness, awareness and stability.

This is the core of self-care; it betters your life. This is what makes the practice worth sticking to, even if you find it difficult or frustrating in the beginning. Take some deep breaths, give yourself a pat on the back for trying, and stand up and try again. Because the payoff will be positively life-changing.

So go ahead and print out these "Self-Care Bingo" sheets and let's add a fun game element to your self-care routine. The more you self-care, the quicker you'll get to yell out 'BINGO!' in your room while frightening your pet or flatmates :)

(This download is 3 pages long & includes two bingo sheets pre-filled with self-care ideas and one sheet left blank for you to fill in with your own self-care activities!)

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