Unmasking the Superstar: Ashley Fliehr (aka WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair) on Self-Care in Wrestling

Unmasking the Superstar: Ashley Fliehr (aka WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair) on Self-Care in Wrestling
Self-Care Is For Everyone co-founders, Sasha & AJ Martofel, got to check in with friend of the brand & WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair (aka Ashley Fliehr). She is such a sweet human and so inspirational in their dedication to their craft, their self-care practices and their healing journey.

Your Voice Matters

You can use your voice to uplift and support the creation of a more equitable society. Sometimes, however, when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, or your vision of hope begins to dim, it can feel like your individual voice (or vote) doesn’t matter. Maybe you don’t feel represented by the candidates vying for your vote. Maybe you feel unsafe, or that no one in politics can be trusted. Maybe you simply can’t hear your own voice of certainty through the omnipresent noise and rhetoric of talking heads and Twitter feeds. In this blog we will...

Let's Learn About Therapy

What is therapy? This might seem like a basic question, but so many of us who have never experienced the therapy world might not know the answer or what to expect when deciding it may be a good time to seek a therapist! In essence, therapy is a safe space created just for you to expand and grow in. Therapy is a space to prepare for difficult conversations, which can be especially helpful in our current times, and work together to find the right language for those conversations so you’re not going into them completely unprepared and overwhelmed or intimidated....

Self-Compassion 101

So many of us suffer from a harsh inner critic. We speak to ourselves in ways we would never imagine speaking to a loved one, and often in the moments when we most need to know that we are loved and supported. The pain caused by the (seemingly) self-inflicted harm of our inner critic is one of the most widespread and downplayed sources of mental suffering in our society today. Unfortunately, some forms of inner criticism are actually upheld as 'productive'. We are taught (implicitly, by example, or explicitly) to use criticism or shame to motivate ourselves to do better,...