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About This Collection

Uncertainty. Hope. Fear. Resiliency.

Election season 2020 has been a beast. Misinformation and aggression seem to pop up in the least likely of spaces, threatening our sense of security, connection, and our vision for the future. So many in our Self-Care community have shared that election-related stress and anxiety feel almost inescapable, threatening to obscure their voice or their ability to exist in a future that embraces them for all that they are.

We at Self-Care have experienced many of these feelings, too. To empower ourselves and our community, we set to work compiling resources, grounding tools and reminders for this time. Although election day is less than a week away, experts warn that it may take longer than normal to tally results, and we could find ourselves in a state of unknowing for an uncomfortable amount of time. We want you to know that the feelings that arise in these moments are ok, and that there are ways to work with them to relieve the heaviness. We also want you to know that you are not alone. We hope our election blogs below help to ease the election-related stress or anxiety that you may feel, that they empower you to celebrate the use of your voice, and that they embrace you -- in all of your wonderful human fragility and strength -- in the love of a community committed to healing through whatever comes next, together.

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Breathe Through It

Elections in America are one week away.

Breathe in… Breathe out… Breathe in… Breathe out…

Hi there, dear human. How are you? Do you notice a bit of tension in your body at the thought of the upcoming election? If so, you are not alone. We feel it, too.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge election-related stress and anxiety.

We at Self-Care Is For Everyone have been inspired by the way this community has moved through all that 2020 has already brought our way. This new moment might feel pretty intense, but let’s not forget the power that lives through us when we move from kindness, courage, and love. Of course, sometimes that is easier said than done, so to help us navigate these next few days we have compiled a list of tips and tools to help ease election-related stress and anxiety.  

Your Voice Matters

You can use your voice to uplift and support the creation of a more equitable society.

Sometimes, however, when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, or your vision of hope begins to dim, it can feel like your individual voice (or vote) doesn’t matter.

Maybe you don’t feel represented by the candidates vying for your vote. Maybe you feel unsafe, or that no one in politics can be trusted. Maybe you simply can’t hear your own voice of certainty through the omnipresent noise and rhetoric of talking heads and Twitter feeds.

In this blog we will talk about why you or your loved ones might feel like your/their voice doesn’t matter -- (have you heard of psychological voter suppression?) We will also provide resources for creating a voting plan, including how (and why) to do research on down-ticket races.

Together We Heal

November 3rd, 2020 feels like a big day. Around the country and even the world, people will tune in, looking for some sense of closure, hope or safety, or for confirmation that they are not alone in envisioning a more equitable, sustainable, and caring home, for all.

But experts warn that it may take longer than normal to tally results, and we could find ourselves in a state of unknowing for an uncomfortable amount of time. This will be an excellent time to lean into the practices, tools, and communities that bring a sense of connectedness and stability, and to celebrate the moments of joy and gratitude that can exist, even inside of uncertain times. A time to remember what is life-giving, and to feed your heart and calm your mind.

Because no matter how things look when the dust settles, one thing is already clear: to move forward toward any vision of equity, or even civility, we will need to learn to heal, together.