How did you get started making art that empowers people?

As someone who struggles with anxiety, I came to realize that playing with color positively impacted my mental health, so I created an Instagram hoping to share with others a little of the joy and hope I feel when I draw. If I could, along the way, also manage to encourage others to be creative and have the courage to live life true to who they are or want to become, that just makes my journey with Color Me Happii all the more rewarding.

What do you do to self-care?

My self-care varies depending on how I feel on any given day, but taking a 15-minute minimum stroll outside, journaling, and eating something good for me are three things I never leave out of my daily self-care routine.

Where can our community find more of your work?

You can find more of my work on Instagram + Twitter @colormehappii, Ko-fi (, Redbubble, and Etsy under the same name (Color Me Happii)

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