How did you get started in making art that empowers people?
Art has been my emotional outlet for as long as I can remember. As I got older and experienced the distress of mental health disorders, my shadow self wanted to come through drawing even more, and that's when I discovered how truly magic it can be to capture these emotions. When I draw what I'm feeling, it's not an answer to my problems, but a release that gives me the insight I need in order to process, tend to, and gently move on from my inner shadows. In doing this, I realized that I'm not alone. The more I draw what I feel, the more I connect with people who can identify with the art. If I can make something that effects another human in a powerful way, then sign me up. It's truly the best feeling in the world to be able to make art for others.

What do you do for self-care?
I have a few different self-care routines. Listening to music is a big one. The music I connect with means the world to me, and it has the power to put me right back into my body. I also love to set aside time for ceremony and ritual practices. Whether it be under a full moon with a circle of women, or alone with my crystals and candles - ritual has given me some of the most potent breakthroughs and connections. On a lighter note, I find endless love in cooking big meals, taking long drives, being in water, and of course drawing.

How can our community see more of your work?
Instagram @toadstone_Illustration