Want to know what we're doing for May??

Want to Know What
We Are Doing for May?

10% of net profits donated to Mental Health America ALL month!

Giving Back to
Non Profits Matters

During the month of May, we are donating 10% of our net profits to Mental Health America.

Why Mental Health America? Because they offer some truly amazing and FREE mental health resources, including mental health screenings that you can take online to help determine if you might want to connect with a therapist, conversation guides for things like "Talking To Your Parents About Mental Health", and a Mental Health America online peer support group and SO much more!!

Been feeling kinda blue? You are not alone. This has been a hard year for so many of us, but help is available. Check out MHA's support here.

Get a FREE Feelings Chart Magnet!

Want a FREE Feelings
Chart Magnet?

If you spend $60 or more on the site this month, you'll receive this really cool 'Feelings Chart' magnet that we collaborated with @crazyheadcomics on for FREE in your order!  

Why a feelings chart? Because accurately naming our feelings/sensations actually makes us feel better!

A 2007 brain imaging study by UCLA psychologists proved that verbalizing our feelings decreases activation of our amygdala, causing feelings like sadness, anger and pain to be less intense.

Through this gentle inquiry of checking in, we can start to bring precision and clarity to our inner experiences and our ability to talk about them with loved ones or therapists!

 Meet the Artist @crazyheadcomics
(aka Matilda)

About Matilda:
Matilda is a visual artist, advocate and professional creative based in Stockholm. She created @crazyheadcomics in 2018, a mental health initiative. She draws from lived experience, and creates colorful art, infographics, writing, and comics about her mental health journey with the intention of spreading mental health awareness, breaking the stigma, and making other people feel seen and validated.

How Matilda started making mental health art:
"After a long battle with my mental health, I realized I needed an outlet to express my emotions, as well as a way to make sense of my mental illnesses. i started drawing and writing about my experiences, and i felt a lot of empowerment from talking about things i was taught were taboo. When i started receiving messages from other people feeling the same way as me, it fueled my fire further. It all started as something i did for myself, but it grew into something i am now doing for other people too - and i love making other people feel seen, heard, and validated."

☀️ Shop Mental Health Reminders on T-Shirts ☀️

☀️ Shop Mental Health
Reminders on T-Shirts ☀️

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