our community
who makes up our community?

Our community first started on Instagram in 2018. We set out to host and curate an online community of mental health advocates, therapists, and healers. We wanted to promote a safe space to discuss everything related to mental health and self-care. This digital community came together in response to a lack of existing places where brave conversations about mental health felt safe.

We are grateful to our community who has spread this message all around the world— in over 20 countries!

mental health advocates

In order to end mental health stigmas on a societal level, we must understand this can't be done alone. We welcome ALL mental health advocates (regardless of age, gender, or identity) to help us normalize conversations about mental health. We want to empower and support our community to share their mental health practices and struggles while being met with love and kindness, realizing they are not alone in their fight.

Each time someone from our community wears or shares a photo of their self-care reminder, they help pass this message on to everyone they connect with. The world can feel like a harsh place and we could all use a gentle self-care reminder.

spotlighting independent artists

Every single design we offer on our garments feature artwork submitted to us by independent artists all across the world! We want artists to have a supportive community of individuals who wear their artwork and continue to spread their message. When you choose a reminder that you connect with, you are also connecting with an artist and the message they created!

For each purchase placed, a percentage goes to the artist who designed the piece. We are so proud to work with these artists and want you to meet them too!

collaborating with non-profit groups

Supporting the community directly, and the people and organizations that work within it, has been a part of our mission since our launch! Throughout the first two years of operation, we've been able to support the works of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, NAMI, AFSP, Crisis Text Line, The Trevor Project, NEDA, and The Audre Lorde Project and donate over $55,000 to the incredible work these organizations do within their respective communities!

We believe that by purchasing something from us, you're entrusting us with providing you a pleasant experience, a quality product, and the means to make a genuine difference in this space.