From humble beginnings as a coffee seed to dominating the landscape and lives of many a place and people, coffee in our opinion is one of the finest ingredients the world has to offer.

self care ideas FOR THE MORNING 

1. Make your bed. 

2. Wash your face, use a moisturizer on your skin.   

2. Listen to a guided minute meditation.

4. Set a timer for 5-10 mins. Stretch your body however feels good.

5. Write a to-do list with action steps.

6. Jam out to your favorite song

7. Drink a glass of water

8. Set a timer, and speed clean your surrounding area

9. Focus on your breath, be present

10. Journal or brain dump on a piece of paper. Check out journal prompts here. 

Self-care ideas to do before bed!

11. Change your sheets

12. Make yourself some tea or a warm drink.

13. Light a candle, read a book.

14. Have a dance party by yourself.

15. Write a to-do list for the next day

16. Pick out an outfit for the following day
     (one that makes you feel good)

17. Take a hot shower.

18. Watch an inspiring, funny, or educational youtube video

19. Get to sleep early

20. Stay away from screens an hour before bedtime

21. Take a warm bath.

22. Take a nap.

23. Write a gratitude list.

24. Unfollow social media accounts that no longer serve you.

25. Have a good cry.

26. Make yourself an emergency self-care box.

27. Print out your favorite photographs to decorate your space.

28. Write out a goals list.

29. Do something for your future self.

30. Do something kind for someone else

31. Smile to a stranger

32. Do the hardest thing on your to do list.

33. Write yourself a love letter or a letter of forgiveness

34. Give yourself a facial massage or a neck massage.

35. Schedule in a date with yourself or if you have the time, take yourself on a date :)

36. Find a dance class or an exercise class you'd like and schedule a time to go!

37. Go outside, go for a walk.

38. Reach out to someone you haven't talked to in a while

39. Make yourself a homemade meal.

40. Find a way to express yourself. Draw something, write poetry, sing.


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