Why we exist

We exist to remind everyone of their inherent worthiness and their ability to heal through self-care practices.

We all need reminders

The world can be a very demanding and harsh place where slowing down and checking in with yourself is rarely encouraged. Stress levels and mental health rates are seemingly at all-time highs. Because of the stigma against being vulnerable, people feel alone with their problems. This difficult reality can push people to stop listening to their needs and, in turn, compromise their own wellbeing in order to serve others. As individuals are made to think less of themselves, they can quickly forget to turn their attention back on themselves as they too deserving of kindness. When there is no time or energy left to take care of yourself, mental health is quickly compromised.


Lead with kindness

Self-Care Station was intentionally launched on World Kindness Day 2018 to serve as an ongoing reminder that kindness is the founding principle behind how we intend to treat ourselves and others in the world.  

Our Instagram handle (@selfcareisforeveryoneis a reminder that everyone can benefit from implementing mindful self-care practices into their everyday life. Even our logo serves as a reminder to check-in with yourself. Check it out here!

What is self-care?

When we say 'self-care', we don't mean pedicures and massages (although those are awesome); Instead, we mean doing the hard, inner work that is free, but can oftentimes be really uncomfortable and/or foreign and new to us, which is why we haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

Simple, free activities and reminders to ourselves to focus on our breath for a few minutes in our day, journaling our anxious thoughts, or simply saying some kind words to ourselves and acknowledging that the person in the mirror is doing their best and is worthy of love and appreciation and feeling safe are all examples of self-care activities you can do right away!


Favors we do for our future self... Can be anything rom dancing to jounraling to simply breathing and grounding ourselves for a moment, hugging a friend, saying a few nice words to ourselves in the mirror

COMMUNITY-CAREComing together as a society in order to support one another's self-care practices, abundance, manifestation

According to NAMI, 1 in 5 U.S. adults and 1 in 6 U.S. youth (aged 6-17) experience a mental health disorder each year, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among people aged 10-34, and depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. It's no question that mental health and mental illness play a factor in every one of our lives, whether it be first-hand or through a friend, co-worker, or family member.It is through your support and participation that we're embracing the harsh realities that the numbers above paint and doing what we can through our expanding reach and resources to help bring active support to those in the most urgent of need, as well as gentle reminders to our community-at-large so that they can be reminded that self-care is tougher done than said, but that we're all inherently worthy of the compassion, support, and kindness that we all need to get by.

Sharing, LEARNING aND Empowering

Goal: A more trauma informed future

There is so much power in seeing someone wear an empowering reminder

education/awareness building




normalize these conversations









The next time you’re in front of a mirror, instead of checking in on what you 👀like, check in with yourself and ask, “how are you doing today?” Become friends with the human being in the mirror; The human that's trying their best. 🙏