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Your Feelings Are Valid (Shop Sundae x NAMI) -- Tote Bag w/ Zipper Top - Self-Care Is For Everyone

Your Feelings Are Valid (Shop Sundae x NAMI) -- Tote Bag w/ Zipper Top

🎨  by Haley Kennedy

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10% of the proceeds from each sale in our 'Breaking Down Stereotypes' Collection will be donated to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Click here to learn more about their work: https://nami.org/

Designed by: Haley Kennedy (aka Shop Sundae)

Artist commentary: "These are 2 very common things told to individuals living with depression: LIGHTEN UP, THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS.

While these phrases may seem helpful to those around us, they can actually be quite damaging to those experiencing depression because let’s face it... depression is complicated. There is no on/off switch to magically restore happiness, so rather than reinforcing what the individual is feeling as wrong, acknowledging that their feelings are real and valid can make them feel heard. Let’s re-write how we talk about mental health."

'Your Feelings Are Valid (Shop Sundae x NAMI)' is available in crewneck t-shirts and sweatshirts, ranging from sizes XS-5XL.

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