Meet Our Artists


We share daily reminders and advocate for mental health in collaboration with independent artists from all around the world.

Thanks to your ongoing support, we have been able to contribute over $500,000 toward the empowerment and healing journeys of these talented artists.

we are artist centric

We couldn't exist without the talented artists and mental health advocates who continue to trust us with showcasing their artwork and perspectives on our website and social media platforms.

What makes our products so special is that they have been illustrated by incredibly talented independent artists as part of their own healing journeys! Each design's authenticity is what allows them to resonate so much with anyone who may be seeking an empowering reminder.

We are so proud to work with these artists and we hope you find a connection with at least one!

self care reminders

We lovingly refer to the clothing and accessories we offer on our website as 'self-care reminders'. Every time someone wears one in their local community, or shares a photo to their social media feeds, they are passing on an empowering message to those crossing their path who may be in need. We all need reminders to slow down and be gentle with ourselves.

Because of your support...

With great thanks to the love, support, and generosity we've received from this community, we've been able to pay out over $500,000+ to our independent artists all across the world!