Self-Care Is For Everyone was founded on World Kindness Day 2018 by mental health advocates: Sasha Aronzon-Martofel, Sasha's husband AJ Martofel, & AJ's older brother Jonathan Martofel, LMFT 126269

$120,000 paid out to independent artists

Over $550,000 contributed back to the broader mental health community -- nonprofits and independent artists!

900k+ mental health advocates

We are a community of 1M+ MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATES connected through our various social media platforms.

80,000 self care reminders

250,000+ SELF-CARE REMINDERS spread across the world since we began in 2018.

self care within community

We are so incredibly grateful to our community of over 1 million(!) mental health & self-care advocates coming together to help stop suicide worldwide.

Your likes, shares, and tagging of friends helps us to spread the importance of making time for self-care and focusing on your mental health.

Together, we're helping to create the collective future we seek in which self-care practices are both protected and promoted. We welcome you to follow us below!

our mission

Self-Care Is For Everyone exists to love and empower this wonderful community of diverse humans who have congregated around their shared struggles with mental health and who recognize the essential role that self-care and community care plays in the healing journey.

The team here behind Self-Care Is For Everyone is on their own respective healing journeys as well. We are eager to share in our learning and encourage everyone to grow alongside of us. We are not the experts in these conversations, but rather, we are here to amplify the voices of mental health advocates whom we resonate with and who are generous enough to share their wisdom with those who need it.

Our mission is to spread kindness and love while helping to make self-care and healing resources, tools, and practices more accessible for everyone.

we exist to spread self care reminders

Since our launch in 2018, we've shipped out more than 100,000 items that serve as self-care reminders to anyone who has ordered one, as well as to anyone that sees it.

We've received so much incredible feedback about how your reminders have served you and resonated with people you've passed while wearing them & we hope they continue to help you remind yourself, that no matter what your circumstances or past...


our vision

Together, we are manifesting a kinder world where everyone – regardless of identity, race, economic status, or background – is afforded the same right to community, empathy, and healing.

We envision a future where everyone is aware of their inherent self-worth, conversations around mental health are normalized, and individuals know that they can reach out for help when needed.

In this world, everyone is encouraged to feel their feelings, use resources that are readily accessible to anyone in pain or isolation, and to choose self-care over self-harm.


We are so proud to partner with independent artists from all over the world as a way of spotlighting a diverse range of voices in these conversations around mental health.

All collaborating artists are prominently credited on their respective product listings (including direct links to the their public social media artist accounts), as well as naming them on any ads that their designs appear on.

In all, we've been able to pay out over $500,000 to date to the independent artists we collaborate with and whose artistic healing journey we encourage.

giving back to our community

Supporting the community directly, and the people and organizations that work within it, has been a part of our mission since our launch!

We commit, at minimum, 10% of our net profits to mental health and suicide prevention initiatives & nonprofits each and every year.

Since our launch on World Kindness Day 2018, we have been able to donate: $68,266 (& counting!)

We view our non-profit collaborations as an extension of our mission and an opportunity to give back to those in the community who are actively interfacing with those in need and doing vital healing work.

Throughout our first two and a half years of operation, we've been able to support the works of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline,  NAMI, AFSP, Crisis Text Line, The Trevor Project, NEDA, The Audre Lorde Project, and The Loveland Foundation.

It is in community where healing and change can truly happen.