SCIFE x BetterHelp

We are so excited to be able to partner with BetterHelp to be able to offer everyone in our caring community an opportunity to test out telehealth therapy -- FOR FREE!

This FREE MONTH OF THERAPY offer is brought to you by BetterHelp and their convenient and easy to use platform that brings therapy to your home!

New users only. If you have tried BetterHelp in the past, this offer will not apply. No commitment needed and cancel at any time within the initial month trial.

[Note: You will be asked to enter a form of payment when you sign up. Please be sure to cancel your membership prior to the end of the 1st month or you will be charged. If you experience any issues or are incorrectly charged, please e-mail Make sure to mention this url in your message.]

This is an exciting opportunity for new users to the BetterHelp platform to see if telehealth therapy is right for you!

If you are interested in this special offer, please take a moment to read over the frequently asked questions below.

When you are ready, click on the button below to visit BetterHelp's website and begin your healing journey! You will be asked to answer some initial questions to better help pair you with a licensed therapist that feels like a good fit for you.


What is BetterHelp and what services do they offer?

BetterHelp ( is an online platform and app that connects humans like you to telehealth therapy that is provided by independent LICENSED therapists.

All Betterhelp providers are board-certified psychologists (PsyD), licensed professional counselors (LPC), licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), or licensed clinical social workers (LCSW).

These therapist and counselors are fully verified:

The BetterHelp team ensures that every provider they bring to the platform is fully licensed and in good standing. Providers who apply are required to provide proper licensure documentation and proof of identity. BetterHelp then cross-checks their licensure information with their respective state licensing board.

In addition to checking credentials, each potential provider needs to complete a case study exam graded by a licensed clinician and be evaluated in a video interview. The result of this rigorous 4-5 week process is that only about 15% of the therapists who apply to work through BetterHelp are accepted to the platform.

BetterHelp also shows you the full licensing information for each provider to make it easy for you to do your own due diligence on your counselor.

Note: These providers are not employees of BetterHelp and the site doesn't oversee them professionally.

For more information:

There's different ways to connect with your therapist!

Video sessions: Face-to-face sessions with your therapist over video at a schedule time.

Phone sessions: You are able to talk with your therapist over the phone at a scheduled time.

Chat sessions: Real-time conversations over instant messaging!

BetterHelp also allows you to easily message your therapist at any time using Betterhelp's platform. Send and receive messages to your therapist, securely.

It's so easy schedule with BetterHelp. Through their portal, you'll get a full look at your therapist's schedule and be able to choose a date and time that works for you.

BetterHelp also has a library of free digital worksheets! Over 150+ worksheets and modules that support the therapy process.

Group sessions too! With your Betterhelp membership, get access to 20+ free weekly live interactive group seminars delivered by expert therapists.

Get connected to your therapist from your computer, tablet, or phone whenever and wherever you are feeling most safe and comfortable to engage in therapy.

Is BetterHelp right for me?
Right for a friend or loved one?

BetterHelp may be right for you if you're looking to improve the quality of your life with the support of a licensed therapist.

Whenever there is anything that interferes with your happiness or prevents you from achieving your goals, a therapist may be able to help.

BetterHelp also has therapists who specialize in specific issues such as stress, anxiety, relationships, parenting, depression, addictions, eating, sleeping, trauma, anger, family conflicts, LGBT matters, grief, religion, self esteem, and more.

BetterHelp is NOT the right solution for you if any of the following is true:

  • You have thoughts of hurting yourself or others
  • You are a minor or you are under the care of a legal guardian
  • You are in an urgent crisis or an emergency situation
  • You have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness, or if you have been advised to be in psychological supervision or psychiatric care
  • You were required to undergo therapy or counseling either by a court order or by any other authority
  • You do not have a device that can connect to the Internet or you do not have a reliable Internet connection

While the service may have similar benefits, it's not capable of substituting for traditional face-to-face therapy in every case. Please note that your provider won't be able to make any official diagnosis, to fulfill any court order or prescribe medication.

How does this SCIFE x BetterHelp promotion work? Is there a code or a link sent after purchase?

You will receive your SCIFE x BetterHelp garment in the mail alongside a voucher with a QR code that will allow you to sign up for the free month (4 week) trial BetterHelp membership!

Thanks to the support of BetterHelp, Self-Care Is For Everyone is able to offer our community members the chance to try out therapy for one month without any commitment.... making this the best opportunity to test out telehealth therapy!

You can cancel your subscription at any time (before the 4 weeks are up) by going to 'Account Settings' and clicking 'Cancel Subscription'. No strings attached.

I already use BetterHelp (and/or have already tried it in the past). Can credit be applied to a new/future month?

The promotion is currently being offered only to new users of BetterHelp only as an introduction to telehealth therapy. We have reached out to Betterhelp to see if this promotion could be applied to a current membership. We'll announce this if that ends up being possible. Unfortunately, not at this time.

How exactly do I redeem the BetterHelp 'Free Month of Therapy' voucher I received in the mail alongside my garment?

You redeem it by taking a photo of the unique QR code that sends you to a Betterhelp landing page that walks you through the in-depth intake.

If you encounter any troubles scanning the code, please don't hesitate to reach out for support and we'll send you a direct link:

Once you've registered your BetterHelp account, download the BetterHelp app from your device’s app store.

What is the sign up process like?

Betterhelp will ask you a series of onboarding questions about yourself, the challenges you're currently facing before matching you with a licensed therapist.

These are questions that will help Betterhelp in matching you and also aid the therapist in preparing for your initial session.

In the sign up process, you will be asked questions about yourself including:

What are specific qualities that you'd like in a therapist? (Gender, age, LGBTQIA+, etc.)

Tell us a little about yourself and to clarify the concerns that you'd like to focus on in order to match you with a therapist who can best support your needs.

Why are you wanting therapy now? This is an opportunity to give the matched therapist a good understanding of where to start.

Based on your needs and preferences, you will be matched with a qualified licensed professional counselor within a short time!

Once matched, you'll also be able to begin the counseling process in any way that you want: text, phone or video!

Remember, if you are not satisfied, you can switch at any time. Try a new therapist each week if necessary!

Wait! Why is Betterhelp asking me for payment information? I thought this was free?

When you sign up to accept this promotion via the BetterHelp website, you will also be asked to input a form of payment (for future months beyond the initial free month trial period). You will not be charged until after the free month is complete.

Therapists who work with BetterHelp are licensed and trained professionals. Your therapist will put considerable time and effort in during the trial. We have to make sure that the trial is not abused and that you are serious about giving therapy a try.

So, in the sign up process, in addition to creating a secure BetterHelp account and answering questions, you will also be asked to enter payment information.

You will not be charged until the end of the month-long trial. Betterhelp will send you a reminder email 1 day before you are charged.

How much will it cost after the trial ends?

The cost of therapy through BetterHelp is estimated to be $80 per week (billed and renewed ever 4 weeks, which equates to $320 per month).

Please note that BetterHelp's pricing can vary by location. So please be sure to check with them for the latest information.

You can cancel your membership at any time and for any reason.

Unlike traditional in-office private practice therapy which can cost $140-$200 for a single session, your BetterHelp membership also includes free weekly live group seminars and downloadable worksheets that support the therapy!

I love this opportunity, but I already know that the person I'll be getting this for won't be able to afford the therapy after the initial trial month... what do you recommend?

If they can't afford therapy, they may be eligible to receive financial aid! Please have them click on the following link to apply!

Depending on your income, you can get a discounted rate of as little as $60 per week! A potential 25% discount!

Alternatives to BetterHelp that are accessible and low cost:

Community therapy centers are always an option for low-cost therapy, but many of them have long waiting lists and at times can be 2-3 month periods before being able to get started.

Many private practice therapists do offer sliding scale pricing, but those are limited in availability too. Be sure to ask all therapists for this reduced rate.

What should I expect during the trial month?

Expect to connect with a trained professional that is caring and compassionate who will listen to you and support you. These initial therapy sessions are a time for you to feel seen, understood and uplifted.

When you pair up with a BetterHelp therapist, you'll be able to send and receive unlimited messages between one another. You'll be able to get counseling anytime, anywhere. Just pick a time on your counselor's calendar to have a real-time session over chat, phone, or video.

We recommend that you utilize this trial month as an opportunity to interview the therapist(s) and see if it all feels like a good fit. You want to make sure that the person you partner up with is someone whom you feel safe with and could see yourself feeling comfortable in exploring sensitive subject matters. Remember, it's easy to switch therapists via BetterHelp and if it's not working out, cancel at anytime.

How many sessions exactly are in this 1 Free Month of Therapy trial?

Four (4) live sessions (1 per week) are covered as part of this promotion.

These weekly live sessions are 30 to 50 minutes in length, where you can communicate with the therapist via phone, video or real-time chat.

Note: The difference between 30 and 50 minutes is a big one. Depending on the specific therapist on BetterHelp and how they work, this time may vary. If your therapist only offers 30 minute sessions, and you find that limiting, we recommend you switch therapists.

Is it really that easy to switch therapists?

Get matched to a therapist from a pool of over 22,000 providers based on your needs, preferences, and demographics (therapists are licensed in specific states, so you and your therapist must reside in the same state.)

If you're ever unhappy with your therapist, simply click a button and get matched to another provider.

What if I don't like my therapist that I was matched with?

You can ask to be matched to a different therapist. If BetteHelp couldn't find a therapist that fits you, or if you are not satisfied with the service for any reason, you can cancel the account within the month long trial and you won't be charged at all.

If I used BetterHelp before, can I use this promotion and reactivate my account?

The promotion is for new users only and applied to new accounts. We've reached out to BetterHelp to see if your previous account can have credit applied to it. Unfortunately, not at this time.

I would love to buy the shirt, but I wouldn't need the therapy as I already have a therapist :) Could I donate it?

Absolutely! You can gift the voucher to a friend or loved one who you think would benefit from trying therapy 💗

Does this Free Month of Therapy voucher expire or can I wait to use it/gift it?

We were informed by BetterHelp that the voucher does not expire, but best practices would dictate that you use it within a calendar year. You can definitely wait to gift it closer to the holidays or use it in the future in a less busy time... whenever you need it.

Is Betterhelp offering therapy to US residents only?

Actually, no. The offer is eligible internationally! The platform is delivered only in English, but the BetterHelpp therapist network provides services in over 44 different languages (including sign language) and over 168 countries. Please note, however, that BetterHelp therapists reside in U.S. time zones.

If you are requesting therapy in an alternate language, we will work to meet your request while still adhering to the requirement that the therapist be licensed in their state of residence. International borders are not typically a barrier to receiving support. When matching you with a therapist, BetterHelp abides by all applicable international laws and requirements.

How long can the Betterhelp service be used for? And can I really leave at any time?

Show up to the healing work and use it as long as you need.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time by going to 'Account Settings' and clicking 'Cancel Subscription'.

What happens if I decide to no longer use Betterhelp but I want to keep my therapist?

If you feel that telehealth is no longer working for you, please collaborate with your therapist on available alternatives and options. A therapist can connect you to local resources and provide you with referrals that can best support you.

Is BetterHelp safe? Are my sessions being recorded? Is my data being sold? How is my privacy protected?

BetterHelp does take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Their privacy and confidentiality standards exceed what is required by law or regulations, so you can feel safe and comfortable.

They have built state-of-the-art technology, operations, and infrastructure with the goal of protecting your privacy and safeguarding the information you provide.

It is important for you to know exactly how your privacy and confidentiality is treated, for more information read their Privacy Policy:


Some things that might be helpful for you to know:

Confidential online counseling will allow you to express concerns about your mental health issues with a HIPAA-compliant mental health professional.

Everything you tell your counselor is confidential and protected by strict federal and state laws.

In fact, you can learn more about staying anonymous and requesting the deletion of information here:

All the messages between you and your counselor are secured and encrypted by banking-grade 256-bit encryption.

BetterHelp doesn't cooperate or work with any insurance companies so nothing needs to be shared, reported or filed with them.

You can always click the "Shred" button next to each message that you've sent so it will no longer show in your account.

BetterHelp servers are distributed across multiple Tier 4 - AWS Data Centers for optimal security and protection.

BetterHelp browsing encryption system (SSL) follows modern best practices.

BetterHelp databases are encrypted and scrambled so they essentially become useless in the unlikely event that they are stolen or inappropriately used.

It's important to note that Betterhelp does not take any responsibility for the quality of support you receive.

We view Betterhelp in the same vein as many of the online platforms and apps that connect you to an independent provider of services. Because of this, throughout the course of the therapeutic process, it is vital to keep re-assessing for safety. While licensed professionals are mandated to do no harm, we encourage the members of our community to trust their own instincts and stop therapy if you are no longer feeling safe. Therapy can raise an array of emotions, but you should never feel trapped or bullied or feeling unseen. Please terminate therapy immediately if you are ever feeling harmed or unsafe. Reporting to the licensing board in the state where the therapist is licensed is an available option.

We encourage to use this trial month to establish safety and build rapport before determining to continue with the Betterhelp platform and seeing if it's a right fit for you. We strongly encourage you to not share any sensitive information until safety has been established. Utilize the trial time to become better acquainted with telehealth therapy and begin to see if it's a possibility for you. Again, no obligation to continue, cancel at any time.

BetterHelp uses their own and third-party cookies and web beacons to help their site function properly, analyze usage, target and measure the effectiveness of their ads. Some of these activities might be considered a 'sale' of information under the broad definition 'sale' in The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Please read their Privacy Policy ( to learn more and click on 'Do Not Sell My Personal Information' on the BetterHelp pop up to manage your settings before confirming and clicking 'OK.'

Curious, how much are Betterhelp therapists getting paid?

According to BetterHelp's online counselor recruitment page, a therapist with a full caseload can earn an estimated $100k in a year (approx. $8,500 per month)!

Estimated earning assume 52 working weeks in a year, and are based on average working conditions on the platform. Actual earning may vary due to factors such as caseload, client engagement, and tenure on the platform.

Note: BetterHelp does not guarantee any amount of minimum earnings.

I'm in need of immediate support! Can you help?

If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger - please do not use Betterhelp.

The following resources can provide you with more immediate help: