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If you are currently struggling...

...the following support resources & organizations are here to assist you.

Don't be afraid to ask for help!

If you are currently struggling...

...the following support resources & organizations are here to assist you.

Don't be afraid to ask for help!

Get Support Today. You Deserve To Heal.

All the resources listed on this page are meant to highlight help that is available. Some resources are even available 24/7. You never have to feel alone when in pain or crisis.

PLEASE CALL 1-800-273-8255
OR TEXT 741741

Has life been extra challenging lately?


Perhaps you feel stuck and don't know how to move forward. Maybe you're finally ready to start tackling an ongoing concern. Whatever the reason may be, pursuing counseling is a brave, bold step to working on your mental health.

Note: Not every therapist is a good fit. If you don't feel a healing connection after a few sessions, don't give up. Sometimes it helps to consider a therapist with a similar background as you. They may empathize more directly with your experiences.

Betterhelp offers services for individuals, couples, or teens to have ongoing counseling sessions. This can be a great option when you live in rural areas without many mental health services as this platform is available to folks worldwide. An added bonus is you can have sessions from the comfort of your own home. Several members of our community have had great success working with counselors on Betterhelp.

Psychology Today helps you find an in-person counselor by typing in your zip code. This resource is available for 17 countries including the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and many others. This is a great option if you want to have a traditional face to face experience. You can also see a therapist’s areas of focus and look for credentials and fees that match your price point.

Need help, but not ready to talk in person?


This is an online crisis intervention platform conducted via online messaging. Click “Chat Now” and a certified responder will message you immediately. This is a worldwide resource so no matter if it’s day or night there will be someone there to connect with you virtually.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call or Text 1-800-273-8255
Options for Español & Deaf/Hard of Hearing

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is for Americans who need to connect with help quickly. This service is open 24/7 and can conduct chats in Spanish and for the Hearing impaired. The website lists additional resources for specific communities like LGBTQ, youth, veterans, loss survivors, and attempt survivors. They can help connect you to local resources if you want to take the next step in your healing journey.

Feel like you're in crisis or immediate danger of self-harm, or having thoughts of hurting others?


In this case, it is best to call 9-1-1 and/or go to the nearest hospital where trained staff can evaluate your needs and help you create a safety plan.

If you struggle with suicidal ideation it’s a good idea to keep the nearest hospital’s phone number and address saved in your phone so when you’re in crisis all the information you need is already on hand.

The poison control center also offers free, confidential, expert medical advice 24/7. If you took too much of a medicine, swallowed something that might be poisonous, splashed a product on your eye or skin, or inhaled fumes and require help with a poisoning emergency, please reach out to Poison Control Helpline.

American Association of Poison Control Centers
PoisonHelp.org | www.aapcc.org
Call 1-800-222-1222 or
Text POISON to 797979

I'm okay, but I want to help my friend who is struggling.


Be There
This site is full of excellent resources about helping someone you care about! Be There Basics will help you learn how to recognize when someone might be struggling with their mental health and gives you tools to help you support and be there for them.

Their 5 Golden Rules are a great place to start:

Rule #1 – Say what you see
Rule #2 – Show you care
Rule #3 – Hear them out
Rule #4 – Know your role
Rule #5 – Connect to help

I belong to a community and want resources directly connected to my specific needs.


The Trevor Project For LGBTQ Young Lives
Call 1-866-488-7386 or
Text START to 678678

The Trevor Project was created to support youth who need a safe and judgment free place to talk. You can connect with them via a phone call, text messaging, or an online chat. They have many resources including topics like coming out, Trans + Gender Identity, homelessness, Gay + Lesbian and many other just click on “Resources” and then “Trevor Support Center” to find all the categories.

The LGBT Hotline
Call 1-888-843-4564

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network
NQTTCN is a healing justice organization committed to transforming mental health for queer and trans people of color QTPoC.

Veterans Crisis Line
Call 1-800-273-8255 (Press 1)

This service is for any Veteran, National Guard, or Reserves member– even those not registered with VA or enrolled in VA health care.

Self-Harm Hotline
1-800-DONT-CUT (1-800-366-8288)
This site offers tips, education, and chat support when feeling the urge to self-harm.

Family Violence Helpline
Call 1-800-799-7233 or
Text LOVEIS to 1-866-331-9474 (if unable to speak safely)

Planned Parenthood Hotline
1-800-230-PLAN (7526)
This number will help you connect with a local office for medical health needs.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
SAMHSA is a confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders. This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations.

National Eating Disorders Association
Call 1-800-931-2237

I'm a person of color and have a hard time finding a therapist who looks like me.


The National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association(NAAPIMHA)
For a list of API providers and communities by state, click “Resources” followed by “NAAPIMHA Service Providers”

Su Familia The National Hispanic Family Health Helpline
This bilingual national helpline provides information and connects you to over 13,000 local resources.

Black Mental Health Matters

Self-Care Is For Everyone has partnered with 9 POC therapists across America to donate funds and help give individuals a chance to start therapy.

Please reach out to them directly to set up a possible appointment. Please only contact therapists who practice in the state you reside in.

Mychelle Williams, MA, LPC | Washington, DC | @Queerblacktherapist
Marlee Dorsey, MA, LPCC | Minneapolis, Minnesota | @revivingrootstherapy
James Harris, LMHP-R, VET | Richmond, Virginia | @men_to_heal
Soco Reynoso, LCSW | Inglewood, CA | @yourfavoritetherapist
Nicola Pierre-Smith, MS, LPC | Philadelphia, PA | @melanatedwomenshealth
Gordon Collier, LCSW | Albany, NY | @beyondlivingservices
Dr. Mariel Buque, PhD | NY, NY | @dr.marielbuque
Shanta Jackson, LPC | Dallas, Texas | @thehomegirltherapist
Eric D. Capehart Sr. | Nashville, Tennessee | @eric_thecounselor

If you don't see your state listed above, please view additional resources below:

The AAKOMA Project | www.aakomaproject.org  | @aakomaproject
Black Emotional Mental Health Collective (BEAM) | www.beam.community
Black Mental Health Alliance | www.blackmentalhealth.com  | @black_minds_matter_
Black Mental Wellness | www.blackmentalwellness.com  | @blackmentalwellness
Eustress | www.eustressinc.org  | @eustressinc
Inclusive Therapists | www.inclusivetherapists.com  | @inclusivetherapists
The Loveland Foundation | www.thelovelandfoundation.org  | @thelovelandfoundation
The Marsha P. Johnson Institute | www.marshap.org  | @mpjinstitute
Melanin and Mental Health | www.melaninandmentalhealth.com  | @melaninandmentalhealth
National Org for People of Color Against Suicide | www.nopcas.org
Sista Afya Community Mental Wellness | www.sistaafya.com  | @sistaafya
Therapy For Black Girls | www.therapyforblackgirls.com  | @therapyforblackgirls
The OKRA Project | www.theokraproject.com  | @theokraproject
Therapy For Black Men | www.therapyforblackmen.org  | @therapyforblkmen
The Unapologetic Guide To Black Mental Health | www.rheedawalkerphd.com/book  | @dr.rheedawalker

I live in the United Kingdom (UK). What resources are available to me?


Anorexia and Bulimia Care
Call 03000 11 12 13
Parent Helpline: Option 1
Sufferer Helpline: Option 2
Self-Harm Helpline: Option 3

Anxiety UK
(Email: support@anxietyuk.org.uk)
Call 03444 755 774 or
Text 07537 416905
Join a community of people who support and educate each other around their struggles with anxiety.

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)
Call 0800 585858
Calm supports men in the UK of any age experiencing crisis or in need of support.

Call 0333 002 0333
Chit-Chat is a phone line to talk about anything on your mind. The goal is to break loneliness and feel connected so topics can be about whatever is on your mind.