Self Care Ideas


Plan out your morning routine

Make your bed

Wash your face, use a moisturizer on your skin

Listen to a guided minute meditation.

Stretch your body however feels good

Write a to-do list (with action steps)

Jam out to your favorite song

Drink a glass of water

Set a timer, and speed clean your surrounding area

Focus on your breath, be present

Journal or brain dump on a piece of paper

Pour yourself a warm drink of your choice

Take a cold shower

Go for a walk or jog

Sit/lay in silence

Don't look at your phone for the first hour

Call a friend who you haven't spoken to in a while

Make yourself your favorite breakfast

Put on one of your favorite or go-to outfits


Have a mental health day and
don't feel guilty about it!

Read a chapter (or page) of a book

Take a bubble bath
(with candles and some relaxing music!)

Sit outside and look at the clouds while focusing on your breath

See yourself as an observer to your own anxiety. What is your unique relationship with anxiety? Write a letter to your anxiety as if it were a person

Set up a self-care space for yourself to write, color, draw, create, or whatever sounds best for you. Listen to our Self-Care LoFi Mix on YouTube to help you create a peaceful, comforting vibe

Sit in front of a mirror & have a judgement-free
conversation with yourself. If critical thoughts float in, acknowledge them and let them pass

Set up the appointment you have been avoiding

Look through a photo album (digital or physical) and feel your feelings

Deeply clean a closet or room in your house

Call a friend

Do that thing on your to-do list that has been haunting you

Make a gratitude list & add to it daily

Go outside, connect with nature, go for a walk

Take yourself to a safe space and cry

Sit under a blanket with a warm beverage

Write a letter to an old friend

Dance to a song you have on repeat

Journal. If you need ideas of what to write about, check out our Journal Prompts page

If you've been working on your ability to self-love, here's a self-love playlist we made on Spotify that you can listen to!

Take a five minute break alone and hug your body– twisting side to side

Brain dump into a journal for 3 minutes

Write on a piece of paper:
"I am enough. I forgive myself"


Drink some water

Move your body however it feels good

Put on some music and dance

Cook your favorite meal that makes you feel good

Take an extra long shower and scrub every part of yourself

Put on a podcast or your favorite music and go for a walk

Have a skin care routine that you feel connected with.
(Never had a skin care routine? You can browse YouTube and find something there!)
Here's one of our favorite channels

Get to sleep early or take a nap

Take an epsom salt bath

Speak to your body with gratitude and kindness. Stand in front of a mirror, and instead of focusing on what you look like, say thank you to your body for working so hard to keep you alive. You can do a body scan or just connect with certain parts of you

Stretch your body. You can also look up specific stretches for parts of your body that feel tense

Meal prep or pack your lunch for the next day

Go for a walk by yourself or with a friend
(or a dog)

Join an in-person movement/yoga class. This is a great way to meet people!

Give yourself a shoulder or hand massage (grab some lotion if you have)

Brush and floss your teeth

Give your feet a bath, or give yourself a pedicure (or manicure)

Sit on a couch and wrap yourself in a soft blanket. Appreciate how the blanket feels on your body


Set a timer and speed clean your area

Listen to guided meditation or watch Anonymous Affirmations, our short film made in collaboration with HitRecord

Witness a sunset/moonrise/sunrise without any devices. Just be mindful and enjoy the moment

Listen to music that makes YOU happy. We made a Dance Your Feelings Out playlist on Spotify if you need a place to start!

Re-pot a plant and allow the earth on your hands to ground you

Update the photos in your picture frames! It is good to adjust the energy you surround yourself with

Write about what is weighing you down, then rip up the paper you used to release yourself from negative feelings

Cleanse your space with a Palo Santo or sage. During this time, invite everything that no longer serves your space to exit

Set up a peaceful nesting space and do a full-body scan. This means releasing every bone and muscle in your body to the earth. A release from the crown of your head to your toes

A drum circle with your friends! Let the rhythm pulse your body through movement and ecstatic self expression. You can use pots and pans if you don't have drums!

If you have a deck of cards, pull them out and hold space for yourself with a reading.

Find moments of gratitude in your day. You can think about this prompt when you brush your teeth, sit down to eat, or before you fall asleep.

Try to acknowledge the small victories that happen in your day. Your inner child likes to be affirmed. Don't be afraid to say, "I did a good job", "I am capable", or "I can do hard things"


Make yourself some tea

Light a candle

Read a book

Have a dance party by yourself

Write a to-do list for the next day

Take a hot shower

Watch an inspiring, funny, or educational YouTube video

Go to sleep earlier than usual

Stay away from screens for an hour before bedtime

Wash your face or find a skin care routine that works for you

Take a warm bath

Write a gratitude list

Unfollow social media accounts that no longer serve you

Have a good cry

Make yourself an emergency self-care box

Print out your favorite photographs to decorate your space

Do something for your future self

Do something kind for someone else

Move your body however it feels good