Submit Your Artwork!


Hi! Are you interested in submitting a few designs of yours into our website? Follow these steps:

1) Send an email to with the subject line: DESIGN SUBMISSION, followed by your name.

2) Include the following in the body of the email: name of the designs, your full legal name, your preferred artist name (which will be used when being credited on the website - please note if you wish to remain anonymous), one social media link for us to link out to from your artist collection page on our site, your email address associated with a PayPal account for us to be able to pay you, as well as your mailing address.

3) Attach files of designs! (make sure they are formatted correctly — see FAQs below for more info). 

4) Wait for us to respond and we will let you know if we have decided to carry your submitted pieces on our site for sale or if, unfortunately at this time, we've decided to pass on the piece(s) you've submitted (which doesn't mean to stop submitting! We'll do our best to give you our honest feedback so that, if you wish, you can submit again)!


Artist FAQs

Why submit designs to Self-Care Station?

  • We are dedicated to creating a space that helps raise awareness of mental health issues, while removing the stigma around them, and your work is a central component to this mission
  • We have a social media network of 900k+ empathetic, wonderful people
  • We do all of the heavy lifting in terms of producing the products with your design(s) on them, marketing them so they get seen, and dealing with all of the customer service that comes with selling online :)… Once you submit one of your works of art and it is approved and uploaded onto our site, you’re welcome to share your collection on our site with your followers, but otherwise, we’ll promote the work and you’ll simply receive a payout via PayPal every month for however many sales your design(s) accounted for!

 What are the guidelines for design submissions?

  • No copyrighted images/all images must be original
  • If quotes are used, they must be cited, ideally on the t-shirt itself
  • No celebrity images
  • No explicit partisan/campaign backing should be used in any messaging/designs
  • No use of ‘hashtags’, unless partnering with the hashtag creator
  • No discriminatory language against any group of people

 What file type/size should I send my design in?

  • Please send in vectorized and .png files with transparent backgrounds & no smaller than 12” x 12” and 300 dpi. We don't print with white ink so any part of your design that uses white should be removed and made transparent. Please keep this in mind when choosing which pieces to submit & envisioning how they may look on our garments! :)

 Do I retain ownership over my design?

  • Yes. You retain all rights over your design.

 If my submission is rejected, will you notify me?

  • We'll do our very best! Please don’t take it as a rejection of your entire work and style if your submitted work isn't accepted at this time. We’re working to curate a very specific look and feel on our site and so we tend to err on the side of quality over quantity. We know how much time you put into your work and so we want to make sure that we’re devoting just as much time, if not more, to making sure that we’re offering and promoting designs on our site that we’re confident our audience will love and want to support.

 Will I be credited on products with my design on them?

  • Yes, absolutely. Along with the design, we will acknowledge you in the product description section unless you wish to remain anonymous.

    What compensation do you provide for artist submissions that are chosen?
  • We pay out $3.00 per each sale of a product (t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, poster, tote bag) with one of your designs on it. This includes all clothing products, as well as posters and wall art. If, in the future, we ever start offering products in which this $3.00 payout can’t apply (think low-priced items like stickers), we will contact you directly with the exact payout for those products to make sure you’re ok with it and approve.

 Do you charge artists for each submission?

  • No. You will never be charged for anything.

 How many designs can I submit each month?

  • As many as you’d like.

 Do you charge artists for any production costs or shipping/handling of the shirts?

  • No. We provide these services free of charge to the artist.

 If my design is selected, how long will you leave it up?

  • As long as you’d like. However, Self-Care Station reserves the right to take it down at any time.

 How do you pay artists?

  • Via PayPal on an ongoing, monthly basis for however long your design(s) are up on our site

I have a question that wasn’t answered here. What should I do?

- Email us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP!